Monday, January 22, 2007

Melafesto 11 [b]

no, je ne regrette rien. this melafesto is another short one. if i'd had to chose a title then the edith piaf song would it be.

what is regret? how does it work. and why does the german word "bedauern" literally mean, to endure something, or to hang on to something?

not that i am answering any of those questions. of course not. regret is something that makes me think a lot.
for me it is one of those moments where time and space are interacting in a very strange and complex way. it is one of that moments where the focus is not really on actual events. but the things in question are interacting a lot with past and future. those two times that seem to have more presence than the present.
enough rambling.

a quick poll on my favourite internet tollhouse about songs related to this issue would make the following playlist:
No Regrets by Robbie Williams
something by Low
ben folds five - regrets
'mistakes and regrets' by the Trail of Dead
Stand Inside Your Love" - Smashing Pumpkins
Eulogy To Kenny Bruce by Nico
Pop is Dead
Animal Collective - Banshee Beat
Joni Mitchell - Little Green
something off no need to argue
50 Cent - In Da Club

... i'd also recommend fake plastic tree by radiohead.


Anonymous said...

Regret=an unhealthy vice that we as humans cannot seem to shake.
I would think that the only way to truly move forward in life is to never look back.
Life is not a dress rehearsal. You live it once, and you cannot change that which cannot be altered. Unfortunately, the paths we take are those which cannot be altered...which brings me to a quote that I found read..."today is the cause for tomorrows nothingness”. I suppose what they meant was if you are consistently thinking about all that is wrong with your life, and all the regrets that you have, you'll never be able to move past that point...and we all know that idle minds make easy targets. Anyway, what do I know??…I’m just an incoherent fool…I guess my only real advice, is to never think twice.

zorburt said...

in da club has the sickest beat ;) ha ha

regetting is not being able to let go and wishing for another. it's not too good or no too bad... i guess it's all on how we take upon these things eh? that's why the german is so.