Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Melafesto #10

... this melafesto was written at the airport in heathrow on the 22nd of may 2006.

a melafesto for waiting rooms

this places are the most bizarre and obscure spaces. filled with lots of distractions or marked by a significant leak of them. waiting is something that is immanent and not really that explicit that often. or maybe it is. i mean i spend quite a lot of time each day.. waiting. for something to happen, finish... for something.. ..... tick tack.. tick tack.. anyway.. i hope you enjoy listening to that one.

Credist for the Music:

a loop out of the first seconds of Radiohead's Talkshow Host
and another sample out of the song.. right before the m'festo finishes

another loop ... out of Fugazi's Waiting Room

also... Beethoven's Moonshine Sonata

i'd be happy about any feedback.. thanks...

stay happy

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