Monday, April 24, 2006

Melafesto # 8

a melafesto for applied knowledge

this melafesto was written in a park... sitting in the sunshine... there is no other text than mine used ... like in the last one.

not that there are not enough articles.. books... texts.. written about that topic.. but there was nothing that fitted really good.. nothing i had at my hands quick too.

A main inspiration to this melafesto are my conversations with my friend mikki.. who is teaching at the university to a rather similar topic at the moment. thank you for that.

credits for the music:

the track in the background is from The Albatross Conspiracy called any time

the firstsong is by East Side Soul called alright seriously

the second one is by The Archives called making perfect sense

for your inspiration...

Donna Haraway - Situated Knowledge

Gilles Deleuze - The Logic of the Sense

other than that...

stay happy

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